An image I produced of the shadow from a supermassive black hole was selected as the cover image for the July 2018 issue of Nature Astronomy.

An image from my research modelling the appearance of Sagittarius A* has appeared in the following article in the Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung (FAZ) newspaper (April 2017).

Slider image of the shadow cast by the black hole. Dragging the slider to the left reveals the “naked” black hole shadow, illuminated only by the background starlight (which is taken from real astronomical data). Dragging the slider to the right overlays the shadow with a self-consistently calculated image of the hot plasma accretion flow falling onto the black hole. Clearly the presence of an accretion flow drastically alters the observed image of the black hole.

Synthetic shadow images of Sgr A* for a Kerr black hole (left) and a non-rotating dilaton black hole (right). Moving the slider downwards reveals the “before” images, whilst moving it upwards reveals the “after” images. For both black holes the “before” panels refer to the image produced by the general-relativistic MHD simulations, whilst the “after” panels refer to the image reconstructed after realistic observational conditions are considered.